Mar 202016

ebc museum3Uniting Hearts Academy co-sponsored with the Unity Museum and the University Prep talks and workshops. The museum provided a travel exhibit on topics of Race, Gender Issues and Social Change.

One of our keynote speakers was Dr. Rita Egrari, who presented a discussion on Social Justice and Peace for our times. About a hundred guests participated. The students had toured several churches, synagogue and temples around the neighborhoods. Each visit was filled with new insights and learnings.

Lunch was served and then it was time for workshops followed by smaller discussion groups. We asked Mahtab Mahmoodzadeh to organize a workshop on the Equality of Women and Men. This produced lively conversations within the small groups.

We look forward to see their students again at The Unity Museum.

May 052014

Cary Christian School discussion

A screenshot of our online discussion

It was a joy and pleasure to meet with fifty senior high school students from Cary Christian School in North Carolina. We discussed aspects the oneness of humanity with their Theology and World Religions class. They asked many pertinent questions in line with their class syllabus. Some of the students stayed behind to be able to discuss some topics in some more detail.

It is amazing what we can do these days with screen sharing of slide presentations, video’s and interactive Q&A!

We look forward to doing this again soon.

May 052014

We are excited to share that we have added an adjacent location to house Uniting Hearts Academy presentations. The new lease is about to be signed and we look forward to announce our opening date. We are located one block from the University of Washington on University Avenue!

This new space will allow us to present speakers from around the country, including online presentations. Many of our faculty and lecturers work for universities and colleges, while others are professionals, authors or artists. Many are associated with Humanities Washington (a non-profit organization).

Occasionally we will invite artists from the Pacific Northwest to exhibit their paintings, sculptures or other artwork.

We are lining up some intimate house concert artists to share their songs and poetry. Our seating capacity is 35, so come early! We will have a kitchen and dining area to relax in and enjoy some free coffee, tea, WIFI and refreshments.

Please come and visit us soon.

Jan 242014

starting our presentationHere we are once again at the beginning of our new Winter/Spring semester at Edmonds Community College in Lynnwood, WA. Today, we made our presentation on The Unity Museum in order for them to consider us as their ethnographic project over the next few weeks.ECC

We were also able to launch, for the first time, our new website designed to assist all of our students to have more focused study from a variety of options.
It is important to empower all to be able to use primary sources, statements and videos to form opinions. We are standing by to comply with the students syllabus according to their textbooks over the next few weeks.

Our classes will be :

  • Cultural Anthropology 206/Winter 2014
  • Human Relations in Organizations MGMT IOOB/ Winter 2014

In total, we will have 3 classes.

We are excited and look forward to meeting you at The Unity Museum where many activities will be held. It is located in the University District near the University of Washington.