Reba Carruth, PhD


RebaCarruthReba Carruth has a Ph.D. in Sociology, University of Minnesota/M.A. Humphrey School of Public Affairs, 1985, and an M.A. in International Affairs, American University School of International Service, 1979. She taught Transatlantic /UN Global Climate Change Policy Cooperation in the BMW Center for German and European Studies in the Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University (2012 and 2013). She worked and traveled extensively as the European and Global Market Analyst for Honeywell Inc. in Minneapolis, and the European Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Her work and publications focus on United States, European Union and UN global harmonization of government policy, regulation and industry standards for the socio-economic integration of nations. She published her doctoral dissertation on Industrial Policy Cooperation in the European Community Steel Crisis – written while studying at the Tilburg Economic University in The Netherlands in 1984.  In 2006, she published a book entitled Global Governance of Food and Agriculture Industries: Transatlantic Regulatory Harmonization and Multilateral Policy Cooperation for Food Safety – in cooperation with Dr. Jorgen Schlundt, Head of Food Safety and Animal Health at UN WHO in Geneva, Switzerland. She is currently working on a new book that focuses on the US-EU-UN WHO global regulatory policy harmonization for antibiotic drug safety. She launched a Spiritual Destiny of America Initiative that provides public lectures, program support and historical tours of the White House, US Capitol, Library of Congress, government buildings and American historical venues for the Baha’i’ and greater community in the Washington DC/Virginia/Maryland region.