Stephen Friberg, Ph.D.


Stephen R. Friberg is a physicist living in Silicon Valley and working in the semiconductor industry. He has done pioneering experiments in quantum optics, optical telecommunications, and photonics, and is author of 46 technical papers, seven patents, and numerous scientific conference presentations.

A native of Socorro, New Mexico, Stephen grew in the intensely secular campus atmosphere of the New Mexico Institute of Science and Technology. He did his Ph.D. in physics – with a focus on quantum optics – under Leonard Mandel at the University of Rochester and his postdoc at Bell Labs and Bellcore in Holmdel and Red Bank, New Jersey. In 1988, he joined NTT Research Labs – the Japanese version of Bell Labs – and spent eleven years as a research physicist in Tokyo, Japan. He moved to Mountain View, California in 1999, spending time on campus at Stanford and starting a company before joining the semiconductor industry in 2005. He is currently working on building a science and religion discussion community in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area.