Jan 242014

starting our presentationHere we are once again at the beginning of our new Winter/Spring semester at Edmonds Community College in Lynnwood, WA. Today, we made our presentation on The Unity Museum in order for them to consider us as their ethnographic project over the next few weeks.ECC

We were also able to launch, for the first time, our new website designed to assist all of our students to have more focused study from a variety of options.
It is important to empower all to be able to use primary sources, statements and videos to form opinions. We are standing by to comply with the students syllabus according to their textbooks over the next few weeks.

Our classes will be :

  • Cultural Anthropology 206/Winter 2014
  • Human Relations in Organizations MGMT IOOB/ Winter 2014

In total, we will have 3 classes.

We are excited and look forward to meeting you at The Unity Museum where many activities will be held. It is located in the University District near the University of Washington.

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